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About Matthew House Toronto

Matthew House is a nationally recognized leader in welcoming, assisting, and resettling newly arrived refugee claimants who would otherwise be homeless. In addition to our main reception house, we have several transition homes where particularly vulnerable residents, such as unaccompanied minors or single mothers, may stay and receive longer-term support.


Since opening in 1998, Matthew House has assisted over 2,000 refugee claimants from more than 100 nations to settle in Toronto.


About the RHP (Refugee Hearing Preparation) Program

In 2013, Matthew House developed a refugee hearing simulation program in order to support our residents in preparing for their hearing.  As word spread about this program, demand for it grew exponentially.  Thanks to generous grants, we have been able to expand this program to serve hundreds of refugee claimants beyond our homes. More than 90% of refugee claimants who participated in the program stated that they felt more confident and better prepared for their IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board) hearing. 


Funding for the RHP

Matthew House is grateful to have received grants from the Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO) and other private foundations and donors. These grants have enabled the RHP to expand to benefit a larger number of refugee claimants in our city. 


The average cost of one hearing is approximately $300. To sponsor a hearing (in whole or in part), please click here.

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