With the RHP's rapid expansion, the demand for more volunteers continues to grow.

1)  Volunteer InterpretersTrained interpreter or a student working towards certification in interpretation or a community member with strong fluency in two or more languages.

2) Volunteer Supervisors: Seeking completion of post secondary undergrad degree or diploma in a related field (social work, refugee law, settlement studies, refugee studies) or post graduate student. Community members with experience with newcomers and settlement in Canada are welcome. E-mail a letter of interest to rhp@matthewhouse.ca.

3) Volunteer AdjudicatorsPreferably lawyers, immigration consultants, law students, retired lawyers or former IRB members.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us:


You can contact the RHP by:

Mobile: 647-622-6410

Email: rhp@matthewhouse.ca 

Fax: 416-203-6771

Currently, in light of COVID, our office is closed to walk-in guests. Please call or email only. Thank you.