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With the RHP's rapid expansion, the demand for more volunteers continues to grow. Volunteers should be prepared to commit to a minimum of one 3-hour session a month in addition to an initial training session.

1)  Volunteer InterpretersTrained interpreter or a student working towards certification in interpretation or a community member with strong fluency in two or more languages. 

2) Volunteer Supervisors: Seeking people completing their undergrad degree or diploma in a related field (social work, refugee law, settlement studies, refugee studies) or post graduate students. Community members with experience with newcomers and settlement in Canada are welcome. Supervisors are asked to observe three sessions before leading a session on their own.

3) Volunteer Adjudicators: Seeking people with refugee status determination experience including but not limited to lawyers, immigration consultants, law students, retired lawyers or former IRB members. Adjudicators are asked to observe one session before adjudicating a session on their own.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us:


Mobile: 647-622-6410

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