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Providing emotional and mental preparation for your IRB hearing.

Refugee hearings are complex and intimidating resulting in many refugee claimants experiencing anxiety, fear, and emotional anguish. Matthew House Toronto has developed the innovative Refugee Hearing Program (RHP) to assist claimants to prepare for their hearings before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

The RHP serves to provide refugee claimants with legal information without providing legal advice about their specific claim. This program is intended to prepare refugee claimants emotionally and intellectually through facilitating an experience to simulate the process of a hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.


RHP Participant, Claimant from Ethiopia

"Dear Coordinator and team members of the Refugee Hearing Program, I am happy to tell you that my IRB decision is positive...I found and witnessed that my participation in the mock interview was extremely helpful. My hearing/interview practice and feedback I got from your team members had a strong impact on my actual hearing. It enabled me to succeed in answering all the questions successfully. Both the content and scene of your interview made me feel confident across each stage of my actual hearing process. Please keep up your hard work."

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